New Beginnings...

Not much has changed since 2008 when I presented a final thesis of all-black, avant garde mix and match separates at the University of Cincinnati DAAP senior fashion show. Luxe, overpriced fabrications such as wool, silk, and pig suede sounded great on paper, but completely bankrupted me as a severely underpaid college student.  For the sake of storytelling, I handicapped my models with bound arms, limited vision and mobility. Unfortunately, no one asked about my collection's backstory and likely thought I had a really bad fit! Speaking of, so much sampling to acquire a perfectly molded fit to my models made them mostly unwearable post-show.  What a waste! I still love what I created despite all its flaws and find myself returning those aesthetic roots to this day.

Although my aesthetic is steadfast, my perspective has changed drastically in terms of what makes good fashion. Form, function and comfort MUST coexist, and at 36 years old, fit and support are non-negotiables. Especially in dealing with my undergarments, I emphatically believe that lingerie, no matter how beautiful, must feel good. A girl wants what a girl wants and I want it all!  

I consider myself entering a new beginning with this mindset.  Pairing my creativity with reality has evolved into Interlude by EDW.  I know what I like, but I'm taking a pause to truly validate the assumptions that I have compiled through my own experience.  I'm reaching out to any and every woman I know to find out what it takes to make it into their top drawers and closets.  Surveys, wear tests, focus groups-- I am in a season of reevaluation and taking my time to get it right.  Social media doesn't like a leave of absence very much, so I'll also make a concerted effort to document the process. Now THAT is truly a new beginning for me! 

I'm looking forward to sharing an amazing adventure ahead!

All the Best,


Photo Credits: Natalie McCray (Model: Alexie Xao, Makeup: Micah)